Engine Pulled, Progress Made!

It’s been a while since I’ve made an update post, but I”ve been steadily uploading videos. I currently have the engine pulled, and the radiator core support removed. I finally started lapping valves on my heads yesterday, so expect a video update on that along with motor assembly in the next few days.

In order to assemble the motor, I build a valve spring compressor. I attempted to use it yesterday, realized I built it all wrong and then built another one today. It was a fun first welding project and was extremely inexpensive to build assuming you have the tools to do it. All it took was a chopped up $3.00 3″ C-Clam from Harbor Freight, and a $10 piece of 3/16″ Steel Flat Bar from Home Depot. There’s another cut section of flat bar with two drilled holes over the tops of the springs so you can insert the keepers. This is legitimately the best spring compressor solution I’ve seen for an LS. Really easy to make, even for a literal first time welder like me, and you can compress two springs at a time to save yourself some hassle.

The one on the left is the mistake, the one on the right is the functional spring compressor I made the second time. You can see the updated version is angled to match the springs, and a little taller to account for the taller PAC 1218 springs.

If you’re reading this, I really appreciate you following along and visiting the site. It’s going to be more robust information wise and will look better as soon as I have the opportunity to step away from work and the car to build things out a little.

Multiple Backlogged Videos:

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