Reassembling The Engine

Things are coming together

Two new videos at the bottom of this post where you can see me working on reassembling this engine.

I took a short break from video updates and working on the car to gather some parts and get some work done at my real job. Unfortunately my car hobby doesn’t equal gainful employment (yet).

I’ve got my oil filter relocation kit that I’ve pieced together from ebay parts. It probably cost about $75 total, which is a major savings over Sikky and other brands. Some assembly required, but I’ll make a separate post/video about that. Also picked up my Canton Racing oil pan/accessories.

I finally got the motor buttoned up aside from rocker arms/push rods. I still need my trunnion upgrade kit and I’ll install the rocker arms. Waiting to pick that up until after I buy my transmission. I’m used to buying parts in maybe $600-1000 increments, but this T-56 Magnum I decided to go with is going to take a little longer to take a bit longer. I’m a little over half way there. These transmissions are expensive, but well worth it.

Also, picked up some beautiful handmade motor mounts from Alex Volkman (@shitty_al on instagram) on the BMW LS Swaps Facebook Group. That group is seriously the best community resource for all model of BMW LS Swaps right now. Tons of helpful guys on there, nice lack of trolls.

These beauties were only $275, and Alex was a big help pointing me in the right direction with a lot of aspects of this build. Get in touch with him if you need custom parts made for your BMW LS Swap. Can’t wait to get them mounted and fit this motor in the car once I get my oil pan mounted up.

Stay tuned for the next video this week. I bolted my heads up Matt Happel style. Probably going to make a lot of enthusiasts cringe from the way I’m reassembling this motor, but I’m curious to see how the motor holds compression and runs.

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